Projects and Finance Committee meeting minutes

The Project and Finance Committee meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

Public Realm Strategy.
F.Price outlined the plans at the town meeting 27th April with various timelines as the project will be delivered in phases.
Work planned to start late June/early July, and be finished by mid Nov (before Xmas Lights Event)
DM to call a PR subgroup meeting to discuss any timing or delivery issues /wishes.
Town Centre Regeneration (The Mills) Scarborough Group presented to the Town Councillors w/c 1st May and will present to the market traders in the near future. Still to go to planning, completion date 2019
There was a general feeling of disappointment in the design at the meeting, and it was felt that we should look to discuss an alternative design to Scarborough.
D.McG to raise the issue with Scarborough / Kate Howe and ask for a meeting of the parties concerned
The issue of design to be raised at Partnership and then with Congleton town Council
PA to discuss with S.Foster with a view to approaching Roger Lomas for an alternative (Congleton centric) design.


Community Award Scheme – Jo Money
CVS are holding an all day Volunteers Event on 1st July in Congleton Park.
Congleton will be well covered in this, Jo Money is working with Mark Smith (CVS) and is looking to launch her updated version of “Get Involved” on that day. There will be room for local organisations to have a display in one of the marquees, with a Gala Dinner in the evening.
Jo will send out a brief this week (w/c 8.5.17) for organisations wishing to be involved in the “Congleton Marquee”.


Date and Time of the next meeting.
Monday 17th July, The Spencer Suite , 9.30am

Congleton Sustainability Group meeting minutes

Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE. 

Highlights include:

Cycle Path Plans.
Cycling Issues SAS May 2017
1. The cycling legacy ideas continue to grow in support not only from Congleton Town Council but also from Cheshire East Council.
2. SAS recently met with both Cllr Rachael Bailey and David Brown who have both agreed that even though we have a cycling strategy in place, we do not have any cycling policies in place. This is something they are going to look into with the different cycling groups.
3. SAS recently presented the cycling legacy ideas at the Town Meeting and received questions. Nearly 70 people attended the meeting and there were a number of questions.
4. SAS has produced a questionnaire to find out what the appetite from the public is in support of cycling. Questionnaire attached, please feel free to forward and ask people to return them to the TIC.
5. Cllr David Brown has bought a bike, helmet, cycling shorts, track pump, gloves is now cycling on a regular basis. This support from a Cllr with such responsibility for highways is adding a lot of weight to developing the cycling strategy in Congleton and CE as much as possible. We need to maximise on this because he may not still be in this position after the 2019 election.
6. We had a meeting with the Canals and Rivers Trust to see if they are in support of the portion of the Congleton Circumnavigation that could utilise the tow path. There is to be a follow-up meeting on the 12th May to walk along the canal to see how this section could become a cycle way.
7. The Town Council Health and Well Being Group are going to meet to look at how cycling can help improve the activity of Congleton residents and the sustainability of the Town.
8. There is continued support for the Cycling and Walking Country Park with a view to where this could be located. This is something that once we have ear marked the land we can then apply for funding and with British Triathlon supporting such projects, if they agree to support it, they will match funds any monies that we raise.
Concern that developers are promising one thing and delivering another in respect to planning applications and actual build.
PH gave a couple of examples where this had happened.
PM to work with PH to tackle the problem, raise with the enforcement officer appropriate in the first instance before escalating to Shaun Hannaby.

Commenting Team.
1. Seddon Development off Canal Road
PM represented and spoke on behalf of CSG at the CEBC Southern Planning Committee 29th March. The committee raised a number of issues they had with the application including our concern of insufficient bungalows (contrary to the Local Plan and emerging Congleton Neighbourhood Plan) they asked that a decision be deferred to allow the applicant to address these concerns. The application did not return to the April meeting of the committee so it is now expected to be considered at the May meeting. PM will review any revisions to the application and if necessary speak on behalf of CSG at the meeting


2. Development west of Manchester Road
PM submitted a response on behalf of CSG to the application for development west of Manchester Road. While the principle of development is OK as it is included in the CEBC Local Plan there are issues with access, particularly regarding sustainable travel and road safety.

3. Bellway development off Waggs Road
PM attended the site visit and subsequently spoke on behalf of CSG at the CEBC Strategic Planning Board on 19th April. The application was refused on the grounds of road safety and impact on open countryside. We will have to wait and see if the applicant will appeal.
4. Congleton Neighbourhood Plan – Transport Group
No progress this month but the NP steering group are due to meet on 11th May to review the draft NP in advance of going to Regulation 14 consultation


Next Meeting:-
Mon 5th June 2017 The Old Saw Mill ,10.00am