E-MILL NEWSLETTER 18th August 2017

saw mil


Do you have any of the following:-
• Tumble Dryer
• Kitchen sink with a base unit
• Afternoon tea style cups and saucers

If you have or know anyone who is getting rid of any of the above please contact any of us on the list at the bottom.
We need volunteers in our café, so if you can spare a couple of hours drop in or contact one of us below.

We’re part of Congleton Jazz and Blues this year: we’re welcoming the Salt City Jazzmen on Saturday 26th at 6pm. and Jazzworks, Congleton’s very own Big Band at 8pm on Sunday.
The Old Saw Mill is now part of the Congleton Big Heart Lunch Club so for just £5 you can enjoy a 2 course meal. Come and join Yvonne at midday every Wednesday.

The Member’s gift for August is free tea and coffee with any food ordered; plus enjoy your usual 10% member discount.

…………..and finally, we are now collecting apples which we will use to make apple juice and cider which we sell in the café. So if you have some windfalls or an excess of apples, then bring them here.


Every Monday 1.15-2.15pm; 6-7pm, and 7-8pm:

Discover Pilates

Classes are up and running, you can join any anytime, more information from Alison on 07798 555458.


Each Tuesday 2pm to 4pm

Knit and Natter Group: Come and join the group, bring any wool and knitting needles you have and enjoy a good natter! Also desperately need balls of wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks to be donated please.

Every Wednesday between 10am and 11am:

Monthly Gift: Congleton Woman’s Forum invite women to receive their monthly gift, contact Sue Munro on 07534 510841.


Every Thursday at 7pm



Every Friday, call in anytime:

Mum’s Bumps and Babies – come for a chat, tea and cakes.

Mum’s, Toddlers and a story – if there’s enough little ones we’ll read a story and entertain them for a bit while mum’s can enjoy a snack!




Congleton Senior Forum meeting minutes 10.08.2017

Congleton Senior Forum met recently, download meeting minutes HERE.


Tea Dances.

First 2 Tea Dances were poorly attended. Shirley feels there is a real need in Congleton and is willing to carry out some taster sessions. Sarah Jacklin to try and organise tasters at Heath View and St James Court. Would Sarah Jacklin discuss this with Shirley.

Possible to look at Bakers Villas/ Clayton manor?

Possible do a survey at Health & Wellbeing Fayre.

It may be an idea to look at the Alsager “ Chance to Dance” and link it in with Dementia Group.


Dementia Awareness Event held on 26th July 2017

Approx 40 attendees.

List of Attendees held on file, some indicated willingness to become involved in setting up a steering group.

MS open the event outlining our aim (in Partnership with Congleton Town Management team) of helping Congleton become a Dementia friendly Town.

Dementia is now a single biggest killer, with many suffering for a long period of time. We aim for the town to be able to offer more support to those people and make shopping, socialising etc. much more inclusive and enjoyable.

This event is a start of a long journey, it will not happen overnight although we will look to get some small wins / changes in as soon as we can.

Speakers at the meeting included:-

Debbi Callow from End of Life Partnership

Claire Halsey from East Cheshire Hospice

Kath Reader and John Poulson from Alsager Partnership.

We concluded the event with an Open Forum where ideas were captured for discussion once the steering group has been set up.

MS promised we would move on setting up the steering group by around Aug Bank Holiday, the meeting is now scheduled for  Wed 30th August, 3.00pm at The Old Saw Mill, emails have been sent to all who indicated an interest in being involved with the steering group.

Kath and John who outlined what they have achieved in Alsager have offered to support us wherever they could.


Senior Health Fayre – Friday 29th September – Congleton Town Hall.
Flyers and Posters now available.
34 (approx.) exhibitors confirmed with 3 x activities in The Bridestones Suite.
Town Crier supporting the day, will walk around town generally advertising the event and also announce the 3 activities in the town hall 10 minutes before they start.
AB has drawn up a layout plan, will need some new name plates for tables
AB to let MS have a list.
AB / SJ to get the posters /flyers out, AB to contact U.Ashiq (Plus Dane) for requirements.
MS look after noticeboards and TIC
All to display posters wherever they can.
Risk assessment – has Lisa Alcock got last year’s / can she please update
MS find out U3A signing on day (15th August Eaton Bank Academy 10am to Noon)


Meeting Finished at:4.54pm
Next Meeting:- Tuesday 17th October 2017, Bridestones Suite 3 to 5pm.

Congleton Sustainability meeting minutes 07.08.17

Congleton Sustainability meeting took place recently, download the full minute meetings click here.


Highlights include:

Neighbourhood Plan.

DJ meeting with D.McG and A Thompson to finalise document. Will create a PDF out of the document then
MailChimp out to the 650 registered consultees. Banners are being produced to advise the public that we are now at
Regulation 14 and they can have they say by logging on to the web address shown.


Commenting Team.
1. Seddon Development off Canal Road
PM has still to receive a response from Cllr Ainsley Arnold to the letter dated 22nd June raising issues about the low (or nonexistence)
of accommodation for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable within developments as a whole, citing this development
as the example.
(Peter has just received from Cllr Arnold to the letter sent on behalf of CSG regarding the provision of specific accommodation for the
elderly, vulnerable and disabled in developments. Much as expected it is a bland response blaming the lack of a Local Plan on not
providing such accommodation previously and claiming that now the Local Plan is in place everything will change – we will just have to see
what actually happens.)
2. CEBC Supported bus review
PM has submitted comments on behalf of CSG to the CEBC consultation on proposed reductions in supported bus services.
The key issues raised were the need to continue to provide bus services for the elderly and vulnerable and the possibility of
S106 money from developers to keep the bus services fully funded.
3. Congleton Neighbourhood Plan – Transport Group
PM attended the meeting of group chairs signing off the Neighbourhood Plan policies for Regulation 14 consultation. As part of
the evidence base PM has been asked by Andrew Thompson to produce a travel survey report based on the travel surveys
carried out on behalf of CSG to challenge developers’ transport evidence at appeal.
4. Paper on unfulfilled S106 obligations
As requested at the last meeting PM has started to prepare a paper for Cllr Brown and Cllr Williams on unfulfilled S106
obligations in Congleton related to the provision of cycling (principally) and walking routes.


Next Meeting:-
Mon 4th September 2017 The Old Saw Mill ,10.00am

Old Saw Mill – E-MILL NEWSLETTER 21st July 2017

The Old Saw MillWe now have several house-bound people who would love to have meals on wheels. If you could help deliver meals and socialise with them for a few minutes, please talk to Peter. This Meals on Wheels service will start w/c 4th September.

The Old Saw Mill is joining the Congleton Big Heart Lunch Club from Wednesday 19th July at midday. For just £5 you will enjoy a 2 course meal, for eligibility ask next time you’re in the café!

We are now providing a number of school students with work experience and paid holiday work. They are all doing really well, working hard and getting on together.

Like most young people they are friendly, polite and reliable.

Our thanks to Charla, Chloe, Grace, Mark, Sam and Liam.

Please say hello to them when you visit.

Wincle Brewery: if you want beer rather than cider then we have Wincle beers for you, £3 per bottle.
Our accessible toilet is now fully functioning complete with baby-changing facilities, many thanks to Norman and Trudie’s hard work and generosity.


Member news:

Lots discussed at our first AGM on 29th June and we outlined our future plans for the Old Saw Mill.

Member’s gift for July is a yummy Cream Tea for £1; plus enjoy your usual 10% member discount on food purchases and room hire.


Have you joined yet? If not follow the link to download or call into The old Saw Mill for an application form.


We need washer-up volunteers, can you spare a couple of hours, pay is good company, membership and good food all free!


Every Monday 1.15-2.15pm; 6-7pm, and 7-8pm:
Discover Pilates
Classes are up and running, you can join any anytime, more information from Alison on 07798 555458.

Every Tuesday 10 – 11am:
Tai Chi Introduction
Classes for everyone, more information call Jennifer Teagle on 07972 287757

Every Tuesday 2pm to 4pm
Knit and Natter Group
Come and join the group, bring any wool and knitting needles you have and enjoy a good natter! Also desperately need balls of wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks to be donated please.

Every Friday, call in anytime:

Mum’s Bumps and Babies – come for a chat, tea and cakes.

Mum’s, Toddlers and a story – if there’s enough little ones we’ll read a story and entertain them for a bit while mum’s can enjoy a snack!


Saturday 22nd July:
Darshan with Dhyan 10.30am – 12.00pm. Donations £5 + (nobody turned away!) There will be Meditation, Silence, Sharing, Satsang and Darshan. More details on Old Saw Mill Facebook page, or call Dyhan on 07807 044908.

Projects and Finace Meeting Minutes

The Projects and finance meeting minutes took place recenlty, read the full meeting minutes HERE.


Highlights include:

The Mills Development. After further discussion today it was felt there was little to be gained by commissioning an outside agency to come up with an alternative design. S.Foster to write to CEBC Ward Members for them to lobby Scarborough for the best design possible that reflects Congleton’s Heritage. The has been no further contact with Scarborough Group at the time of this meeting.


Community, Environment & Services Committee briefed on the project 6th July.

New design and costing estimate (£375) issued.

Wall work has started, rebuilding to 1.2mtrs and adding 2 buttresses for support at Lawton St end.

Some tree worked carried out, Ruth Burgess getting a price for work on another 5.

Next steps are Public Consultation / Briefing and sourcing Funding.

Tea Dances – Senior Forum. Piloting 3 Tea Dances at the Old Saw Mill as part of our social isolation drive. Dances planned for 17/6, 1/7 and 15/7 from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. £4 to include a drink and cake.

The event is being run by Shirley Brocklehurst, Wellkin. Disappointed turn out, cancelled the last date. Shirley working on a relaunch Autum 2017, after H&W Event.


Dementia Awareness Open Day. The plan is to hold a dementia awareness day and then progress (along with Congleton Town Council) to become a dementia friendly town. Date booked  (26th July) invitations sent out, poster and social media used for PR. Budget agreed up to £250


Congleton Summer Treasure Hunt. Working in partnership with Congleton Town Council and Active Cheshire to develop a game for 8 to 12 year olds for 6 weeks using technology similar to the Pokemon game. This is again a pilot for future activities if it proves successful. 25 teams and 38 players currently taking part, need to re tweet on social Media. Review at the end of the session.


ITea & Chat – L.Alcock/ S Akers Smith. 12 sessions being planned across 6 locations. Looking for champions to run the sessions. May use some support from Congleton Learning Centre. Budget Agreed  up to £250


Senior Health Fayre – Sept 29th –Congleton Town Hall. 35 exhibitors booked, with 3 or 4 interactive sessions planned in The Bridestones Suite. Flyers and Posters printed, PR will kick in early Sept. Budget agreed up to £400


Date and Time of the next meeting.


Monday 4th September, The Spencer Suite , 9.30am

Congleton Sustainability Meeting Minutes

Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, download the full meeting minutes HERE.

The Old Saw Mill (new official name).

  • 14 people attended the AGM (29th June) MS to circulate the management report presented at that meeting.

4 Key areas for the future ( see report)

PA thanked all for their support, donations, volunteering etc

Looking to take on apprentices from Macc College

  • Apple Juice / Cider. D.Jones to put an options paper out to group for their views.

It was felt that OSM should acr like Dunham Massey (producer) and CSG would pay OSM for production.

CSG to pay for AJ/C and sell both retail and wholesale.  CSG to use profit for local projects.

Aim for a target price of £3 retail for both products.


Congleton In Bloom/ Congleton Partnership/ CSG:

2 June:  Bug gardens workshops

3 June:  Congleton tidy up at Bromley Farm

5 June:  CSG meeting

10 June: harvesting willow at Saint Mary’s for Jubilee Club project, DoE students

12 June: AMCP Community orchard tidied up with Rangers

12 June:  WDT meeting

19 & 30  June  In Bloom meetings

19 June: PP drove draft route with MG Alexandra Court Hotel (with MG)

June, Weds 1-3pm :    Visyon (with MG) to help with their garden near Cong park

During June PP visited BHPG, Community Gardens,  Jubilee Club allotment;

The Bug Gardens Back to back gardens project, 10 confirmed, community polytunnel working with groups to create backdrops (7/6 Brownies, 19/6 Cubs, 22/6 Saint Mary’s ),

23 June: Build gardens with new volunteer Roy & BE

26-30 June: Bug Gardens plant up supervision and helping groups with 8 small gardens


Photography & Press articles on eco-schools/In Bloom/CSG activities sent to & published by the Congleton Chronicle.

PP continues to admin facebook pages, adding articles, photos, events etc [Congleton In Bloom, Congleton Food4free & CSG, Old Saw Mill & Saint Mary’s Garden Club pages]



Next Meeting:-
Mon 7th August 2017 The Old Saw Mill ,10.00am (S.Foster to chair)


In April 2015 Margaret Williamson, Congleton’s much loved “First Lady”, died after a sudden illness. Margaret was a driving force and inspiration behind improving the culture and environment of Congleton and it was agreed that setting up a special fund to support suitable projects, would keep that spirit alive.Margaret Williamson Congleton Partnership

The Fund will support ideas and projects which improve the cultural environment or the natural environment in Congleton and District (defined as CW12 postcode or 01260 STD Code). These were the things which Margaret was so passionate about.

The Trustees of the Fund are now looking to support with grants, projects which meet one or more of the following criteria

  • Provide opportunities for people to take part in musical, theatrical, literary, performing art, dance, or other artistic activities.
  • Provide opportunities for education and awareness of the natural environment, especially amongst young people.
  • Conserve or improve the natural environment for the benefit of the people in Congleton & District.


If you have a project or an idea that fulfil the criteria and needs some financial help to make a difference to Congleton, then please complete the application form which is available to download on the Congleton Partnership website: DOWNLOAD HERE or visit current projects.


Please send us your application by 31st July 2017. If you have any questions or you need help to fill in the form please contact Mike Smith on 01260 270350 ext 7 or email him on ms@congletontowncouncil.co.uk

You will be informed of the decision of the trustees 6 weeks after the closing date.



The Margaret Williamson Fund is a ring-fenced endowment fund within Cheshire Community Foundation – CCF (http://www.cheshirecommunityfoundation.org.uk) with the income being used to fund projects. CCF is a registered charity (Number 1143711) set up to manage funds on behalf of private, company and other benefactors and philanthropists.

The proceeds of the fund are administered by Congleton 4 Congleton – C4C (http://www.c4cfund.com) which is a registered charity (Number 1145563). There is a grants panel made up of Congleton people who look at the applications and decide which should be funded. Cheshire Community Foundation is not responsible in any part for the distribution of these funds including the application assessment or monitoring or impact assessment.

Donations can be made to the fund using a form available on the Congleton Partnership web-site, DOWNLOAD HERE or visit current projects.

Senior Forum Meeting Minutes

The senior forum meeting took place recently, please read the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights include:

St John’s Community Hub – P.Houldsworth.

Peter took us through a full presentation on the development of the new community hub in Buglawton from conception to completion (Oct 2012 to Mar 2017)
The development has cost around £400k, received good local support with funding, involved a great deal of planning and consultation with residents and was finally opened on 11th March.
It has continues to build on the programme of activity and grow the number of users (10 weeks , 2500 users and 480 Wellbeing Hours recorded)
A copy of Peter’s presentation will be circulated to the group.


Tea Dances – Old Saw Mill (June/July)

3 x pilot Tea Dances organised 17th June, 1st & 15th July.  These will be held at The Old Saw Mill, with professional support by Shirley Brocklehurst.

2.00 to 4.00pm, cost of entry £4 which includes either Tea or Coffee and Cake.

Ist Tea Dance branded “ The Great Get Together” to support the Jo Cox weekend of activity.

Wendy (Tesco) and Anna Bignell will support on 17th June

Tracey (Tesco) Sarah and Lisa to support on 1st July.

Extra help on the day will be appreciated.

PR. “ x Adverts taken in The Chronicle, 7 x Town Noticeboards, Library, TIC, AgeUK, Old Saw Mill and RJ & J Moore. Social media both facebook and twitter.

Dementia Awareness Event.

Open event being planned for Wed 26th July in the Town Hall starting from 3.30pm with an opportunity to talk more in depth about Dementia Friends and all that entails from 4.30pm.

MS to work with S Rathbone and J.MacArthur on flyer, the structure of the event and get invitations out to potential / interested parties. Our overall aim is to help Congleton become a dementia friendly town.


Next Meeting:- Tuesday 8th August 2017, Bridestones Suite 3 to 5pm.

Congleton Sustainability Group Meeting Minutes

Congleton Sustainability Group meeting took place recently, please read the full meeting minutes HERE.

Highlights Include:

Dane Valley Community Energy.
Application made for a preplanning meeting.
Agreement in principal to buy the land (price agreed)
£66k grant from WRAP to support all of this early work.
7. Neighbourhood Plan.
All subgroup work finished, report is now with D.McGifford to discuss with CE Planning dept.


8.The Old Saw Mill (new official name).
Good income being generated both in room hire and the café. Meals on Wheels project is starting to be discussed and planned. Disabled toilet almost ready.
Note name change to :- The Old Saw Mill this will now become its public/community face. New dedicated website (linked to The Partnership website) being developed using the URL WWW.oldsawmill.org

Premises licence granted May 2017.
AGM for OSM planned for 29th June,7.00pm, members only can vote.


Next Meeting:-
Mon 3rd July 2017 The Old Saw Mill ,10.00am