Mountbatten Way

Aim: A project to remove the railings and create a central green boulevard.


A project to remove the railings and create a central green boulevard.

BE/DMcG to discuss with Cllr D Brown (CEBC Deputy Leader) the concept of a trial area between the 2 Bears Roundabout and Market St traffic lights. Possible use of tubs/containers to green the area and reduce the impact of iron railings.

Gary Mallin CEBC Higways

Met with S.Davies and S.Barker 9.3.16 to discuss ideas and highway considerations. Completed a site visit.

Ruth Burgess to put a design and equipment plan together and forward to GM/SD/SB for consideration

CEBC to look at improving condition and siting of the signage around the pilot area.

Old railings now removed by Cheshire East, 5 Tubs / Tree (Sorbus Joseph Rock) sited on the central reservation (July 2016) Phase 2 planned for later 2016. Subgroup to look at possibilities.

Mountbatten way

Phs 2 Siting ideas sent to S.Davies CEBC. RB/MS planning field visit with S Davies to finalise agreements. Siting agreed, 7 x trees should be in by end   Jan/early Feb

Mountbatten way Congleton

Extra support coming in from Cheshire East means that we have been able to not only complete the “trees” project but also replace all of the older planters bringing in a more corporate image.

Mountbatten way Congleton planting trees

Project Complete June 2017


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