Electric Picture House Congleton

The Electric Picture House in conjunction with Congleton Community Projects would like to thank the Congleton Partnership for its generous support of £500 to make the event Hidden Places, a day of promenade theatre, a great success.

Without your support the event would not have attracted such a large audience so once again many thanks.


Petra Lea                                                                                       Jo Money

The Electric Picture House Cooperative Ltd                          Congleton Community Projects

The Electric Picture House                                                        The Electric Picture House

Cross Street                                                                                 Cross Street

Congleton                                                                                    Congleton

CW12 1HQ                                                                                   CW12 1HQ


The Electric Picture House would like to thank the Congleton Partnership for its generous support of £400, which ensured that the Space workshops could take place.

Once again the Congleton Partnership has enabled through their generous funding the successful completion of community workshops which will enhance Congleton’s bid for In Bloom.

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